new front entrance to Lied Battle Creek Public Library

Welcome to

Lied Battle Creek Public Library

P.O. Box D, 100 S. 4th Street

Battle Creek, Nebraska 68715

Phone: 1-402-675-6934

Fax: 1-402-675-3911

A laptop-friendly library--WiFi Hot Spot


M & W--1-8 p.m.;

Tues.,Thur.,Fri.--10 a.m.-6 p.m.;

Sat.--9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Thank you for your support. If you have suggestions for donations to the library or questions about donating, contact the Library Foundation at 402-675-6934.
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Battle Creek Library's goals include providing up-to-date technological services and working with local leaders and citizens to provide information, education and entertainment. On December 21, 2009, the Library Foundation received a donation from the Lied Foundation & Trust for $100,000. The new building was named Lied Battle Creek Public Library in memory of Ernst F. Lied in memory of his parents, Ernst M. Lied and Ida K. Lied, and a dedication plaque will be displayed on an interior wall of the library. To learn more about our Foundation's completion of the project go to Foundation
	audiobooks available free of charge

A recent service to Battle Creek Library patrons is our downloadable audiobook service from Overdrive, Inc. Click on the Download Audiobookslink and find fiction and nonfiction audiobooks for you to download to your PC and then to your MP3 or burn to a CD. To check an item out you will need to know your patron card number (Ask your librarian).The newest service included with our Overdrive link is downloadable e-books. When you go to our site, there will be information on the left side of the page that tells you what kind of e-book reader will be compatible with this site.These two are free services offered on our webpage in conjunction with other Nebraska libraries and the Nebraska Library Commission. Recently, the Kindle became a compatible partner to Overdrive's e-book catalog.

new chapters of books delivered to e-mail each week

The Online Book Club delivers a chance to sample many new books for 1 week at a time. They are delivered to your e-mail and you can request the title if we have it or it can be inter-library loaned.

Battle Creek Schools webpages

The Battle Creek School website offers information about school activities, classes and upcoming events.

Our fundraising effort with Rada Mfg. is ongoing. Any other donations or fundraising ideas are very welcome at any time.

E-mail your questions or suggestions to us at

Webmaster: Kathy Bretschneider

Updated: 06.30.2014

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