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Get Caught Reading Golden Sower Nominees (2014-2015) Just in Time for Summer Reading!

Mae has read items marked *, and Kathy has read books marked ** so far.
K-3 4th-6th Young Adult
One Cool Friend.* ** Malcolm at Midnight The Raft * **
Crafty Chloe * ** A Diamond in the Desert** On the Day I Died:Stories from the Grave*
Being Frank* Tuesdays at the Castle * ** Prisoner B-3087
Lost and Found * ** The Adventures of Beanboy Ungifted* **
Mousetronaut* **/td> Eight Keys * ** The Silence of Murder*
Three Hens and a Peacock* ** The Underdogs * Cinder
Creepy Carrots * Kindred Souls * ** Starters
Sky Color * ** The False Prince A Long, Long Sleep
Randy Reilly's Really Big Hit * Jake and Lily * Curveball: the year I lost my grip
Each Kindness* ** Three Times Lucky * Variant


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